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Lynn Hooper identified problems in the dealership and provided written guidance to solve the problems and insure we're operating in compliance with state and federal law. As a result, of his efforts, an MVDB civil penalty was reduced by half.

- Chris Boyer,
Dealer Operator,
General Imports of Bristol

Mr. Hooper made a number of visits to our dealership, provided a copy of his dealership procedures, and followed up to make sure we were operating correctly. We waited too long to become a client of his which resulted in an MVDB hearing and an appearance before the board. After reviewing the changes made at the dealership, the board reduced a civil penalty by $9,000.

- Baha Nasridinov,
Dealer Operator,
Finish Line Autor

As a result of MVDB action following an unsatisfactory inspection and a requirement to have a satisfactory follow up inspection we became a client of Mr. Hooper's. He provided detailed guidance that we implemented with the result being a satisfactory inspection. Mr. Hooper stops by the dealership regularly and is always available to answer questions. On more than one occasion he has helped us defend against lawsuits.

- Michael Braslavskiy,
Dealer Operator,
Crown Auto Group

Mobility Works is a nationwide chain that provides vehicles for customers with disabilities. We opened our first store in Virginia and needed help developing procedures to insure we were compliant with state and federal regulations. Mr. Hooper was available to train all new employees. He was a lifesaver in walking us through the proper procedures to record a lien on a vehicle we had erroneously registered online without one. This is just one of a series of serious problems he has helped us with.

- Theresa Waltman,
Corporate Compliance Analyst,
Mobility Works

Mr. Hooper accepted us as a client after an MVDB Hearing and appearance before the board. Our dealership had two unsatisfactory inspections and frankly we had not corrected deficiencies after the first inspection. He trained the owner and dealer operator on how to correct the deficiencies. As a result of his work our mandatory inspection was satisfactory, with no deficient items noted. The field inspector noted the result of Mr. Hooper's assistance and remarked the dealership showed remarkable improvement in operations.

- Russ Yapadrov,
General Manager,
Trust Auto Inc

There is no doubt that Lynn saved our dealership from being closed. I had been before the MVDB in 2008. After a very unsatisfactory inspection Mr. Hooper worked with us and attended the hearing with me. I know Mr. Hooper spent far more time with us than would normally be required. He said, and it is very true, that it is more difficult to change bad practices than it is to start a new dealership with compliant procedures.

- Ayman J. Awadallah,
Elite Auto Group

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